About Us

Hi, my name is Angela! I want to thank you SO much for being here and showing KITILY some love. I’m the founder and owner of KITILY (previously FestieBestie) - an online rental boutique for festival fashion located in Bellevue, Washington. Think of us as your best friend’s rave closet that you can raid anytime!

I went to my first rave in 2012 and fell in love with the magic ever since. What enticed me was the music, but what kept me coming was the individuality. You can go to a festival and dress however you want, without judgment or shame. Bend the rules and expectations and you’ll create pure love and beauty. 

My hope is to help my fellow rave babes feel and look incredible. I want our members to have full access to self-expression, creativity, and freedom - the essence of rave culture. Your outfit is not just clothing, it’s memories. Our goal is that you create the most magical memories in something from our closet!


Your Bestie <3